What is your favorite mythical creature? 
The Yeti, or any one of the Kardashians.

You’re getting ready for a fight. What song are you listening to?
 “Bodies” by Drowning Pool

If you had to choose to never eat bacon or never drink beer again, which would you give up? 
Is suicide an option? As much as I LOVE bacon, I think beer would win out.

What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done at a bar? 
Four boilermaker shots (look it up) in a 10 minute period…followed by projectile vomiting on the bartender.

If you had to choose to not ever wash your bed sheets again or not wash your bath towel ever again, which would you rather not wash? 
Wait, you’re supposed to wash your bed sheets?

What is your high school crush doing now? 
Probably eating…she got fat.

What celebrity are you most embarrassed to admit you find attractive? 
Angela Lansbury. “Murder She Wrote” was the sh*#!

Do you believe in aliens? 
Absolutely! Otherwise my butt hurts for a different reason.

What famous person do people tell you that you most resemble? 
Former Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood

What’s your dream concert ticket? 
AC/DC with Bon Scott opening up for Zeppelin with John Bonham.

Alcohol is not
the answer, but
it does help you
forget the question.

Paul Michaels

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